Traditional Dental Braces
Save $1,000!*

At All Family Dental & Braces, we love to see our patients smile! More importantly, we believe in the power of a straight, yet natural-looking smile to improve oral health, dental function, and overall quality of life.

For a limited-time, we are offering a generous discount for patients who start a new comprehensive orthodontics treatment plan with us! Save $1,000 on  braces when paid in full.*

Start a new comprehensive treatment plan on or after March 1, 2023 to take advantage of these special savings.

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    What Can Traditional Dental Braces Solve?

    For some, traditional dental braces may not seem to be the most appealing option, but they are the most effective! Metal braces have a great ability to address most bite abnormalities and are the most common type of braces.  

    Metal braces are strong and durable, and we can use them to correct a wide range of dental problems, including:

    • – Overcrowding and Spacing Issues
    • – Overbites and Underbites
    • – Jaw Misalignment
    • – Issues with Chewing and Speech, and More! 

    Why Are Traditional Dental Braces a Great Option?

    Traditional dental braces are a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to improve your smile. As dental experts, we love them because traditional dental braces are:

    Strong and Durable: Traditional braces are made of high-quality metal alloys. Traditional metal braces, unlike other types of dental alignment devices, are made to last for the course of your treatment. 

    Efficient at Correcting Issues: Metal braces are also very efficient at correcting dental alignment issues, and you can wear them for a shorter time than other types of orthodontics. Clear aligners are unable to correct teeth that are significantly rotated or gapped. 

    Affordable: Metal braces are also the most affordable type of braces. Plus, with this limited-time offer they are even more affordable! 

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    * Offer valid on Traditional Braces with Comprehensive treatment plans started on or after March 1, 2023. Discount valid on treatment plans paid in full at the start of the treatment plan. Offer is currently valid at All Family Dental & Braces locations only.  Discount is not applicable for Limited or Short-Term orthodontic treatment plans and does not apply to clear aligners. Offer (discount and price) is subject to change at any time without further notice.